Be Active during self-isolation

Be Active during self-isolation

The past month has seen us change the way we study, the way we work and even the way we live. Times will be challenging for everyone, but we encourage people to be physically active within the current guidelines regarding social distancing.

We know that participation in physical activity can have physical and mental health benefits, and to support people with being physically active, we have decided to provide a list of useful supports/resources.

1. Where to start

The World Health Organisation published “Be Active during COVID-19” which answers a lot of FAQs around being active while in isolation or practicing social distancing. You can access this information at

2. Know your 2km radius for being physically active.

We were all advised that “any non-essential movement beyond your home is limited to a 2km radius for exercise”.

A useful website has been created to easily show you where the 2km radius is from where you live. You can access this at

3. Your Local Sports Partnership

Over the past week a number of the local sports partnerships have started uploading extremely useful resources around all types of physical activity for all ages.

Limerick Sports Partnership:

Clare Sports Partnership:

4. RTE lifestyle

RTE Lifestyle offers a number of useful resources helping you be physically active during isolation. For a number of these resources they have teamed up with the team at ExWell Medical.

5. Useful Videos around being physically active and its benefits

6. Age and Opportunity Movement Minutes

Age & Opportunity are broadcasting three live 15-minute physical activity sessions online each week that older people can join in with – ‘Age & Opportunity Movement Minutes’.

Join them on their Facebook page ( for ‘Age & Opportunity Movement Minutes’ every:

  • Monday @ 11am: Seated Physical Activity Session for Older People
  • Wednesday @ 11am: Standing Physical Activity Session for Older People
  • Friday @ 11am: Seated and Standing Physical Activity Session for Older People

The sessions can be watched back afterwards on the Age and Opportunity YouTube page here:

They also have offline resources such as information and exercise sheets on posture, strength and balance as well as physical activity DVDs. Just call 01-8057755 or email and they will post them out to you for free!

7. Siel Bleu Ireland

Siel Bleu Ireland are bringing live “Life enhancing exercises for older adults and patient groups” at 11am and 2pm each day. This includes activities such as:

  • Chair Aerobics for older adults
  • Exercise, COPD & Me
  • Chair Gym for older adults
  • Strength and Balance for older adults

You can keep up to date on the Siel Bleu Ireland Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Alternatively, past exercise videos are available on the Siel Bleu Ireland YouTube channel here:

8. Staying up to date

It is important to stay up to date as social distancing guidelines may change over time. The most up to date advice, information and resources can be found on and