Move for Life

Final Clare health checks

Feel free to drop in to any location to complete your final health check!

Remember, as an incentive to encourage you to attend, your Hub will receive funding for every person who completes all health checks as part of the Move for Life project. Your Hub can obtain up to €2000 to support continued physical activity opportunities if everyone completes these assessments.

We will be running health checks in the following locations;

  • Monday 4th February: Shannon Leisure Centre @ 5pm
  • Tuesday 5th February: Lahinch Seaworld @ 5pm
  • Wednesday 13th February: Killaloe, Clarisford Park @ 5pm
  • Thursday 14th February: Ennis, Gaelscoil Mhicil Ciosog @ 5pm
  • Thursday 21st February: Ennis, Gaelscoil Mhicil Ciosog @ 5-7pm
  • Monday 25th February: Shannon Leisure Centre @ 5-7pm
  • Tuesday 26th February: Lahinch Seaworld @ 5-7pm
  • Wednesday 27th February: Killaloe, Clarisford Park @ 5-7pm
  • Thursday 28th February: Ennis, Gaelscoil Mhicil Ciosog @ 5-7pm
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Calling all Clare participants

Clare Move for Life participants! If you have not attended your healthcheck with us over the past 3 weeks this is your last chance! Remember, your Hub stands to gain funding for more physical activity programmes if you return to your healthcheck!
The Move for Life team will be in the following locations this week;
  • Shannon Leisure Centre 5-6pm, Monday, 17th Dec.
  • Lahinch Seaworld, 5-6pm, Tuesday, 18th Dec.
  • Killaloe Clarisford Park, 3-4pm, Wednesday 19th Dec.
  • Ennis Gaelscoil Mhíchíl, 5-6pm Thursday, 20th Dec.
Feel free to drop in to any location!

Clare update

Please remember to return to your upcoming Move for Life health check in Clare.
We have contacted you by letter to schedule an appointment to your health check.
If you cannot make the appointment please return to one of the following locations or contact to rearrange a suitable time.
Dates include;
10th December, Shannon Leisure Centre. (5pm-8pm)
11th December, Lahinch Seaworld. (5pm-8pm)
12th December, Killaloe, Clarisford Park. (5pm-8pm)
13th December, Ennis, Gaelscoil Mhíchíl Cíosóg. (5pm-8pm)
Looking forward to seeing you all there!
– The Move for Life team